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Trying to get pregnant?
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"Less than 1% of sperm deposited in the vagina actually reach the egg1"

Recent research has also shown a 50% drop in sperm count worldwide over the past 50 years2.

With this becoming a common subject, we understand that your body is unique — and so is your personal journey with fertility.

Whether you’re using sperm from a donor or from your partner, we’ve got your back.

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couple trying to conceive got pregnant with twoplus Fertility applicator

How they got pregnant with twoplus

“We tried for about 7 months before using twoplus. We used all the Applicators and it was a success for us on our first-month attempt!

Good to try before seeking IUI and IVF treatments.” 

– S. L., 36 and her husband, 37

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trying to conceive woman positive pregnancy test twoplus Fertility Sperm Guide

How they got pregnant with twoplus

“We have been trying to conceive [for] 18 months before we tried using twoplus. The Sperm Guide seemed like a good way to help maximise our chances [of getting pregnant].

We used it 4 times in 1 cycle! Just 1 cycle, and we got pregnant!”

– Soh, 28 and her husband, 31 

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couple with mild vaginismus pregnant with twoplus Fertility applicator

How they got pregnant with twoplus

“I have very mild vaginismus. The gynaecologist suggested the syringe method since that would ease the pain. We then used an ordinary syringe that didn’t work.

After five months, we tried the twoplus Fertility Applicator just once this month (Oct 2022). And we got pregnant on our very first try!” 

– J, mid-30s 

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Celena and husband welcome new baby after pregnant with twoplus Fertility Sperm Guide

How they got pregnant with twoplus

“When I saw the Sperm Guide, it was quite small and didn’t look very threatening. You’re aware that there’s something down there, but it didn’t affect the (sex) experience tremendously.

We used the Sperm Guide thrice and have now given birth to a healthy baby boy!”

– Celena, 34, and her husband, 36 

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US lesbian couple pregnant with donated sperm twoplus Fertility applicator

How they got pregnant with twoplus

“As a lesbian couple in the U.S., we’ve used donated sperm to help us conceive. We went with the product [Applicator Only] because we were looking for something with a comfortable design that would help us get full use from the samples. 

We used the Applicator twice in one cycle and got pregnant!” 

– K. C., 27 

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My personal battle with infertility

I want you to know that I hear you, I see you, and I empathize with you about not getting pregnant — yet. 

My wife and I never thought it would take us 5 long years before we successfully conceived. We were both diagnosed with unexplained infertility, and it was one of the most challenging things we had to go through as a couple. 

Even though IVF had worked for us, I truly believed there had to be a simpler solution beyond invasive fertility treatments. Thus, twoplus was born. We wanted to create at-home fertility aids that could let anyone take charge of their fertility journey

Let twoplus help you work toward pregnancy success. 

With unwavering support, 
Benjamin Tee, twoplus’ Co-Founder, NUS Vice Dean of Research, Stanford University Electrical Engineering, Ph.D

Backed by science.
Trusted by couples.

On our way to helping 1 million couples succeed on their conception journey! You can be part of the success, too.

Our female and male fertility tests and at-home insemination tools are specifically designed for people looking to get pregnant.

We’re glad to have helped couples who are trying to conceive, conceive with more intimacy and less stress.

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Things not working out?

twoplus Fertility’s home conception sets are backed-by-science and quality is assured. However, we understand that things just don’t work out sometimes. Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis. Drop us a line and we’ll work it out with you!

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